Geometric Lace: Monochrome


My first monochrome piece! These blues and aquas paired with the white lace look like a lovely seascape. I have since used this color palette three more times and loved it more each time!


Making a monochrome piece starts with gathering every shade in your yarn stash plus white, grey, or some other neutral for the edging. Once you have your dark to light range, you can get started.

I like to begin with my color extremes – in opposing corners, I put the darkest and lightest shades – ending with white. Then I start layering in my other shades from there. My joining method (expressed in detail in my Geometric Lace pattern!) allows you to jump around the blanket, adding in shades as you see fit to best shade the piece.


Dramatic and classic Black to White fade – Absolutely an indulgence creating this one.


Whichever color you choose, these monochrome beauties are so opulent and always a hit! I suggest it for a calming home décor piece. It’s a great stash buster, too!


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  1. this look is gorgeous! do you happen to have a half hexagon pattern on your site for this design?? i find your work super inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  2. HI Rachele,

    Does the pattern include the triangles on the side to make a flat edge for hexagon blanket ?
    Inspired by your sunburst flower blanket I made a cushion cover and its a hexagon. I struggled to make straight edges on it. I would buy the pattern if it has that triangles too.


    • Hi there! Yes, both patterns have the “half hexagon” shape.. Geometric Lace for plain hexagons and Cottage Quilt for the flower hexagons. Happy crafting to you! 🙂 – Rachele

  3. Hi Rachele,

    I am looking for triangles in the pattern.Is it included? I may convince my hubby to buy the 3 for 10 dollars offer 🙂

    • There are no triangles – only a half hexagon shape to fill in the gaps on those 2 sides.. The “zig-zag” sides are filled by working graduated height stitches to straighten those gaps (SC, HDC, DC, TR.. Etc) and that’s all included in the patterns. For me, it’s super-important that a blanket be absolutely square or rectangle! No wonky sides hehe.. So that’s how I write the patterns. There is one pattern where I made the hexagons exceptionally large – so I did create a triangles to fill in the zig-zag gaps – it’s called “Painted Hexagons” and that link to scope it out is here

      Hopefully I’m making sense! Let me know if I can clarify anything further! 🙂
      Rachele C.

  4. That’s what I was looking for Rachele. Thank you. 🙂 I am having 2 WIP’s now and they are from your free patterns(Textured circles and sunburst flower). My sunburst flower hexagonal cushion cover already brought me few orders. But had to decline them as I am a full time software engineer 🙁

    I am becoming your fan day by day….

    • Nice! Well good luck to you in your creative endeavor.. And kudos to you for being able to balance life – saying no is an art form that takes talent 😝😝