The Carly Project

The Carly Project | March 2014

I participated in this huge hat donation project lead by Selah of Simply by Selah (@simplybyselah on Instagram) with one big, giant, looming question in my mind… “Can I even make hats??”

Creating blankets for my shop BabyLove Brand has been my sole creative endeavor for the past two years, and over time I have developed a fear of small projects that require specific gauge and careful stitch counting. Scared to even look at patterns, I started off by getting creative with bits and pieces of unfinished work from my past.

I made these four hats out of odds and ends.

This pink hat used to be the front half of a baby gown worked at a very fine gauge back in the days when I used to knit. Using sharp scissors, I cut the knitting under the armpits, but above the empire waist eyelet round (meant for threading ribbon to add a bow), and I sewed the rectangle into a tube. Then, I threaded yarn through the eyelets and cinched that side, which became the top. I wrapped and wrapped yarn around the top as well, just to make sure that raw cut edge doesn’t unravel. The bottom picot edge rolls up slightly in a pretty way, and a pompon finishes the look!


Next comes a hat made from a lace granny square. I folded the square in half and sewed the sides together to make a rectangle shape. Then, using same thickness purple ombre yarn, I crocheted the bottom portion of the hat, working in rounds of DC and then SC through back loop only until it was long enough. I made two pompons with my ICE Yarn “Dancing Baby,” and they came out so cute and mismatched! The bottom edge screamed out for a hot pink touch. 🙂


 Once I ran out of creative ways to re-purpose my WIPs, I began my search for a great hat pattern! I wanted something fun and easy with lots of texture so I could use my colorful Dancing Baby ICE Yarn. I found a pattern that I like a lot! Used for all of the hats in the photo below, the Silly Gnome Hat by Owl Luv Crochet on Etsy is awesome. I’ve got it memorized now! (Or at least, my modified version is committed to my memory…)


These projects could not have been more fun and I think I’ll make that pretty hat forever and ever! Success!



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