Month: February 2014

Weaving Ends: A Guide!

Hello, y’all! Recently I have had a few requests to know how I weave in my ends for a project that has so many color changes. Since I handle my yarn ends differently depending on their stitch situation, I’ll give all of my darning advice here in one post. A guide to weaving ends! This is just how I do it… Of course there are many ways, and doing a YouTube search will prove very fruitful. So let’s get started! I’m using the Textured Circles square for this demonstration because the stitches are so varied that it has all of my end-weaving technique possibilities. Below is Round 1 completed of my TC pattern. It is basically the first round of any motif, could be a square or a circle; it doesn’t matter. You have 2 yarn ends to think about at any given color round. That center tail is hanging, and the working yarn end tail is about to be cut a little shorter. When I work with one strand worsted, I make my tails …