The Creative Mind: Which type are you?

With 7 billion (as of 2012) people on the planet, sometimes it feels like there are 7 billion different personalities… As it turns out though, as speculated by Carl Jung, there are just 16 unique personality types, and once you figure out which personality type you are, your life will make a lot more sense.

Have you ever felt… different? I actually believe that every single person has felt different than those around them on some level at some point (introverts and extroverts alike), but knowing your Jung Personality Type unlocks key information about yourself that you were unable to fully understand before.

My Jung journey started when I was shocked to find out that my Crochet Mood Blanket (January 2014 post) had very serious colors – pales and darks – instead of the tropical rainbow brights that I generally consider my “soul colors” (or colors with which I feel most comfortable). It seemed that while I dress in brights, and I work with mostly brights, my insides are seriously lacking in saturation… What a total shock to me! What was that about? Four hours and an epiphany later, and I’m a completely changed person.

So how do you figure out your personality type?

Step 1 (optional research): Head to the Wikipedia article on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This will tell you about all of the 16 types in general and give you some history behind the theory.

Step 2: Take this short online Jung Typology Test to figure out which 4-letter personality type you are

Step 3: Read the short profile and check out these great links to more information about your type! (This website has a test also, but it has a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree, and I feel like it is infinitely harder to answer a question like that rather than just saying yes or no… If you want to take both and compare, go ahead!) (This site has a ton of information – including some VERY insightful info on children’s personality types that will help you learn more about your child if your personality type is very different from his or hers. (A very clear and concise site with a fun section with famous people of your same personality type)

There are a lot more links if you start making the Internet search journey, but the three links above are very comprehensive. Also helpful may be the forums that you can stumble upon, but sometimes they are more entertaining than informative..

Step 4: Now that you feel like you have successfully unlocked your character in the game of life, see how your loved ones and friends relate to you! There is so much out there regarding the pairing of two different personality types. Figure out the type of your kids, your partner, your parents, your best friend – soon you’ll be wanting to type everyone 🙂

The Creative Mind: How does your personality type relate to your creative capacity? “The Creative Personality” – An article that doesn’t mention any Jung Typology, but is thorough and insightful. The Creators Temperament – Incidentally I am in the “Intellectuals Temperament (I’m INTJ),” yet I create bright and vibrant fiber art that people respond to as if I were a creative type. This is due to the fact that I analyze a creative project just like I would any other task… logically and systematically. I also have a great relationship with color and have had plenty of practice with the skill of colorwork to be able to “feel it out” when it comes to planning and organizing a piece. Just as my INTJ type outlines for me, I research color and design using every possible resource in order to continuously improve.

All that is to say it is possible to “Create” or “Produce Creations” and not be “A Creator” or “Creative Type” – I would not consider myself a particularly creative person. In fact, as a teenager when it interested me, I possessed great skill in drawing, but could only copy something that was put in front of me. While I could copy a picture with impeccable detail, I could not “invent” a drawing from my mind. This trait is explained by the fact that when INTJs get interested in something, they research, study, and practice it to great lengths until it no longer matters whether or not it “came naturally.”

I can’t speak for the other 15 types, but please read more about “The Creator” and see where your curiosity leads you! I encourage you to read as much as you can about your personality type and use it to evaluate yourself and your current relationships. Reading about INTJ answered all of my questions about why I have behaved a certain way my whole life. You will feel validated and empowered!

Share your Jung Personality story in the comments!


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