Square and Triangle Geometric Art


Above is a paint palette, but wouldn’t it look perfect as a blanket? Incidentally, “wouldn’t that look perfect as a blanket?” are the famous last words for me… After I say that, I spiral down toward a crazy world of wild motif design and unusual yarn color selection.

This next painting is begging to be made into a fresh, hip blanket made with two-color granny square motifs. There is a link to a two-color traditional type of granny square on the Fresh Stitches blog, but I suggest you convert it to a solid granny by working the DC into the stitches below, rather than in 3DC groups as you would for a traditional granny square. A solid square would look better for this piece. Then, you would make some pure white squares where there is white space in the painting. I love how this is such a modern design – so unexpected.

geometric wall art 6

Below is a painting with a heavenly color choice and placement. Solid granny squares would be perfect here.


Geometric Lace blanket inspiration below! 🙂


So if you’re at a loss for color inspiration, do an Internet search for something like “Geometric Painting,” and use an image as a jumping off point to explore a new creative avenue. It’s exciting to dream up answers to questions like “what sort of motif can I use to convey this image?” or “which colors would look good with this design?” Inspiration is everywhere; you just have to train your eyes to picture everything as a crochet blanket. 🙂

Then again, I’m prone to getting inspiration from an eyeshadow/lip makeup palette! haha

But you have to admit, this would make a beautiful blanket! 😉






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