Daily Mood Blanket 2014: January

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January 7th:

First week complete! I didn’t join the last four squares at this point because I am switching my joining method to a continuous join-as-you-go. (Why didn’t I think of that sooner?! Facepalm..)

January 14th:

I haven’t updated this post in a little while, although I’ve been making my squares along the way. Here is my progress as of today:


Changes that I have made:

1) I am not necessarily adhering to the color chart that I linked in the main project post, because it felt too much like I was trying to pigeon-hole myself into a certain mood color.. as in, I was reading the moods and sort of selecting one from a menu rather than really picking a color from my gut. PS: YES that is a metallic shiny GOLD on my birthday January 13th – haha! Who doesn’t feel like a rock star on her birthday?!

2) I am joining continuously (here is a link to my tutorial page on that). I did stray from my tutorial pattern in that I am using a mini-twist join, which is the one that I demonstrate in my Gumball and Geometric Lace patterns. Also, at the place where four corners meet, I did a little shell design. It’s dinky, but I like it! 🙂

Okay, now I don’t know how the CrochetMoodBlanket2014 has affected you guys, but it kind of shook me up a little bit. I took a step back from my blanket today, and I was a bit surprised, because the colors are so serious. These are not what I would call my “soul colors” at all, and it got me thinking: why? Introspection breeds somber moods? Does the very act of evaluating your mood get you down? Would I choose brights if I were in a bright mood? Yes, I think I would. Am I all brights on the outside and dulls on the inside? (No, I don’t think I am necessarily brights on the outside although brights are what I think speaks to my soul the most.) Is it more simple than all that? Is it just the chilly, grey weather? Why is my mood blanket so serious?

Well, so much thought went into this line of internal questioning that I decided to take a version of the Jung Typology Test to read a little more about my personality type and maybe gain some insight. Folks, I strongly recommend that you take this test. Once you have your four-letter type, you can read a slew of articles via Internet search that will give you insight into how people with your type function in life. Parenting, Careers, Relationships, Marriage, and more – examine some of the largest social constructs through clearer lenses. At least, this was my experience. The discovery that I am in the INTJ personality type opened my eyes! All of the characteristic descriptions were spot on for me, save a couple here and there. If you find that you are also INTJ, you will see what I mean when I say that it answers a lot of questions and doubts.

Anyway, go take the test and then research your type. Then make your partner take the test too, and research information on your type pairing. So cool! You won’t regret it!





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