Color Palettes Celebration featuring the Geometric Lace Crochet Blanket

Welcome to a super colorful post – my list of Curated Color Palettes – Geometric Lace Blanket.

Custom Color Palettes

I have made 47 Geometric Lace blankets.  I know! Here’s my secret to creating a color palette for this wide variety of pieces. When you do custom work, customers will have inspiration photographs, paintings, décor, or something else that tells you where they want to go with the color spread. Looking for more posts focused on color tips? Enjoy them!

Putting the color placement together

  1. Try to choose a yarn that has a wide color range, like Scheepjes Colour Crafter (Wool Warehouse Affiliate)
  2. Crochet 1 motif to represent each color (or most of them)
  3.  Lay them on the ground in a pleasing way, because this will lend to the final layout – Consider using a whiteboard (Amazon Affiliate) as a backdrop to make it easier and fresher
  4. When you make your blanket and you join the motifs together, be sure to fade the colors to match your plan

Below, you will find several general color palettes, and the hexagon motifs I made as samples, then a little gallery of the finished objects. One thing you will find so interesting is that several pieces look so different, even though the main color palette is the same.

Geometric Lace Color Palettes

Geometric Lace Color Palettes 1


This palette proved so popular, and it’s all due to the first Geometric Lace that you see pictured here in the Rainbow palette at bottom left. It turns out these rich colors are loved by many!


“Pastel or Neutral”

After the rainbow palette took off, I started getting some polar opposite requests for very tonal, faded color combinations. These sweethearts are a great juxtaposition with the heavy geometry of this design.


“Cool Blues and Aquas”

Oh my goodness, I made this version of the blanket several times, and it was just so fun and refreshing each time.


“Fresh Roses”

I have 1 photo here, but this palette was used a few times! It is so cute and playful.


“Fresh and Earthy”

One of my favorite palettes, the one at bottom far right is just a neat combo that came from the paintings in the nursery of the tiny recipient. Hope you enjoyed the palettes I showed here today! Take them and run with it. Geometric Lace is so versatile too. Enjoy!



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