Babouska Rose Tutorial


My new love! The Babouska Rose Blanket. I am making this blanket, and have documented some tips for maximized results, so I decided to write some pattern support.

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See my horrible phone screenshot of the motif chart below… I interpreted the little plus sign in the circle as “SC in the back bars of the stitch indicated.” (Notes: Not the stitch *post*, rather just the back bars. Also, I worked a slip stitch instead of an SC to eliminate extra bulk.)


Here is a square from the pattern, with my modifications that I documented below.


Of course, I join everything as I go, so I rounded with the red SC, but the next motif is joined on that red round. (See more about the border below.)

Flower: See the pink flower in the photo directly above, and notice that there is a “jog” where the petal rounds join and chain up. I liken this to the petals being “tongue-tied.” I had to snip that tether!

Check out the darker pink rose below that to see the petals nice and free. Muuuuch better.


Let’s get started. This technique can be used on any flower pattern with similar petals.

Here is the flower complete through round 3 right before joining.


Drop the loop from the hook and insert hook in the first SC of the round, from back to front.


Hook the loop and pull it through to the back. Now you can proceed with the pattern by SC in the back of the stitch indicate. I believe the pattern says to SC. I slip stitch just to avoid extra bulk.


Below is the flower completed through the fifth round, up to right before the join.


Again, drop loop, insert hook from front to back in the first SC of the round, and hook the free loop.


Pull the loop to the back of the work, and proceed. When the flower is complete, I do join as normal and finish off.


Green Leaves: I don’t have a photo for this, but where it says to chain 5 in the pattern, I only chain 4. That may just be me! I felt like it was too loose and floppy otherwise. Also, the light turquoise DC on the next round were too spaced out on mine with 5 chains.

Red Border: At first I had my heart set on a standard Flat Braid Join as shown in the left hand photo below. Then, I meditated for like an hour, and asked my social media peeps, and decided it would be better to do a small twist join, seen at the right. It makes the red more of an accent and lets the flowers be the main focal point.


Although I have had many requests to write out the pattern for this rose, alas, it is not my pattern, and the creator of the original chart has asked that her patterns not be replicated in any way. Thank you for your enthusiasm! 🙂