Month: April 2013


Flat Braid Join

The Flat Braid Join is a magical thing of crochet wonderment. I learned how to do it from my crochet idol: Priscilla Hewitt, pattern designer of such famous works as the Sunburst Granny Square (Ravelry) and the Circle of Friends Square (Ravelry), which I slightly adapted to create the Textured Circles blanket. (Free pattern) The pattern that I used to learn flat braid join is called Lacy Lapghan (PDF), from Priscila’s website. Now I use some type of variation of FBJ for almost all of my projects. See every project I’ve used FBJ on HERE! Okay, so lets get to it! First, work a round of SC starting with 3SC in any corner. Put an SC in every stitch, and 3SC in every corner. Join with a slip stitch in the first SC. Now, SC in the joining stitch, and ch4. Skip 1 stitch and SC in that final corner stitch. *Ch2, skip 1 stitch, SC in next stitch* Repeat across. (13 ch2 spaces on each side of the square). Ch4 in every corner as seen …