Magic Carpet throw made for a gentleman gymnast in an Aladdin-themed show!


De to high number of requests, I am planning a better tutorial for this blanket… Watch this space! 🙂


This is not a pattern as much as it is a guide, because this blanket borders on free-form crochet.

Start with any pretty granny square. Think about the color striping of the center – you will orient the granny square as a diamond. I chose the motif from the Lacy Lapghan designed by my major crochet crush, Priscilla Hewitt. I got started winging it with my burgundy and gold.


The Lacy Lapghan square wasn’t big enough, so I invented a few more rounds, until I was able to work some blue and another gold round. Now, I turned my square into a diamond and found the center of one side.


Join color in the center space of one side. I joined with a slip stitch and worked an sc, ch1.


Here, I indicate where to pull this chain through to “attach” it to the side. The general idea here is that we will be working back and forth, joining at each side until we complete the corner, then repeat three more times around.


I counted this sc, ch1 as a dc and worked six more dc in that same space. It is important to have an odd number of stitches, I think, so that the corner stitches have a place. As shown in the below picture, I attached with a slip stitch and I am ready to chain up, attach, and turn.


After attaching the first row, I ch2 and attach again, but this time with an sc, to more mimic a dc. At the beginning of a row, attach with an sc, and at the end, with a slip stitch.


I worked stitches somewhat similar to the Lacy Lapghan center square, turning back and forth.


Here is what one finished corner looks like. Repeat all around until you have a blue square with a diamond center.


Upon finishing the final blue corner, I did not cut the yarn; rather, I joined and started a dc round just to stabilize everything. I worked 2dc, ch2, 2dc in each corner.


Below is a close-up of the dc round.


From here, I worked the burgundy rectangle bit on top and bottom of the square. This is a simple dc back and forth, with some decorating spaces worked in making an upside-down triangle formation.

To work the gold tiger area, I used a method much like the blue triangle formation by working back and forth, joining with a slip stitch or sc at the burgundy edge. Use the completed blanket image as a guide.

This completes the main blanket shape. I added a round of gold sc, three rounds of purple, and a final round of gold. On the final gold round, I incorporated the tassels as follows:

I made four tassels by wrapping the yarn around my hand many times as if to make a pompon. I tied one end of the bundle and cut the other end, fluffing and straightening out ends, trimming them. I strung these four tassels onto my gold yarn before I started the final sc round and worked them securely into each corner space as if they were beads, sliding each down to the hook as needed.

If you have any questions, I can help! I did make this up as I went, but I hope it is a useful guide for you to make your own Magic Carpet. 🙂

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  1. Hi, i was just wondering if you ever managed to make a new tutorial? Im still a beginner but would love to make this for my daughters second birthday but im having such a tough time following :(. Your magic carpet looks perfect!

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