Month: January 2013


Magic Carpet Throw Tutorial

Magic Carpet throw made for a gentleman gymnast in an Aladdin-themed show! ******** De to high number of requests, I am planning a better tutorial for this blanket… Watch this space! 🙂 ******** This is not a pattern as much as it is a guide, because this blanket borders on free-form crochet. Start with any pretty granny square. Think about the color striping of the center – you will orient the granny square as a diamond. I chose the motif from the Lacy Lapghan designed by my major crochet crush, Priscilla Hewitt. I got started winging it with my burgundy and gold. The Lacy Lapghan square wasn’t big enough, so I invented a few more rounds, until I was able to work some blue and another gold round. Now, I turned my square into a diamond and found the center of one side. Join color in the center space of one side. I joined with a slip stitch and worked an sc, ch1. Here, I indicate where to pull this chain through to “attach” it to the side. …


Two-Color Image Chart Tutorial

US Marine Corps Insignia Two-Color Image – Beautiful custom order for a USMC momma. To begin this project, I researched embroidery charts until I found one 100 pixels wide, which was a perfect size for the needed final blanket measurements. I had a couple of false starts while looking for the best method to change colors in the middle of a row. What I decided on is my own creation that I outline at the end of this post. I am pleased with how this turned out! Each side of the border has a phrase. This was tricky, and I did not use a pattern for any of it, because I had stared carefully at a chart for the entirety of the blanket body! Check out the final pic at the top of the post. Steps for creating your Two-Color Image Chart Blanket 1: Choose an image and search for a chart, or use software to pixelate/chart an image if you have it. I like to use embroidery charts as they are readily available. If you can’t …