Year: 2013

Andy Gilmore

Geometry (Ancient Greek: γεωμετρία; geo- “earth”, -metron “measurement”) is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. (Wikipedia.) Images || Explore Ravelry || Crochet || Pattern || Art || Quilt Ravelry || Crochet || Pattern || Art || Quilt Ravelry || Crochet || Pattern || Art || Quilt Ravelry || Crochet || Pattern || Art || Quilt

No Fear: Fixing a Mistake

How I performed surgery on a piece to fix a mistake. Crochet + Scissors = Faint. I see crochet and knit artists alike asking amongst themselves if it is better to leave an error be as if it were fate, or to frog back and fix it, for fear of being forever haunted by its presence. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. One time I was in such a hurry to experiment with a new border that I’d been wanting to try that I literally worked all of the perimeter motifs in a blanket just so I could jump ahead. BUT, I erroneously worked in two extra motifs on one of the sides, causing that side to be wider… I hacked it apart with scissors, natch. Here are the gruesome details in an excerpt from the original BabyLove Brand blog post in early 2013. * * * * * Cruising along – Everything is looking fabulous at this point but I started getting a serious itch to see how my squared edge and lace border would come …

Chevron2.0: Standard Vs. Extra Thick

Through all of the Chevron blankets I have made, I always get questions about the thickness of my work, and if I use two strands of yarn. With a couple of adjustments to the original standard-thickness pattern, you can make a plush and squishy chevron piece for a drafty nursery or a chilly workspace. The original Chevron2.0 pattern calls for one strand of worsted weight yarn and a size K (6.5mm) hook, but the beauty of crochet blankets is that any gauge will work! You can use any weight yarn that you love and the best hook that goes with it. All you may have to do is create a larger or smaller design, which is why I usually make my patterns easily adjustable. Here are some Q & A! What size hook should I use when doubling yarn? When I get an order for an extra thick piece, I use two strands of worsted weight and a size N (10mm) hook. If you are using DK weight yarn, I would use a size L (8mm) …